Know Your Rights

Your Rights Under the Law

When you support forming a union or engage in union activities, federal and state law protects you from harassment by your employer.

This means you have the right to:

  • Join or help organize a union without being harassed or punished by your employer.
  • Have meetings at lunchtimes or break time in non-work areas on company property without being harassed or punished by our employer.
  • Talk about, distribute union materials, or ask other co-workers to join the union on non-work time (including lunch and breaks) in non-work areas (break rooms, locker rooms, etc.).
  • Go to union meetings and wear union buttons- in most cases- without interference from your boss or supervisors.
  • Hold demonstrations and rallies about the union or about work problems.

This means your employer may not:

  • Fire, discipline, lay off, or cut your hours for supporting the union.
  • Spy, or pretend to spy, on your union activities.
  • Threaten or question you about the union.
  • Deny you the right to participate in forming a union.
  • Pressure you not join a union.

Organizing is your right.

Secure your future with a union contract.

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