All #Teamsters impacted by Yellow Corp.’s profound mismanagement and its recent shutdown of operations are strongly urged to visit the Teamsters Career Center at for state-by-state resources of current job openings at union facilities and other valuable tools.

The online database can quickly assist members in need with good-paying union work opportunities, and resources regarding health care and retirement benefits. Members at Yellow and other companies can use the Teamsters Career Center to search job openings or find benefit information by local union or geographic area.

“The Teamsters Career Center offers a range of services and resources, including up-to-date openings at Teamster employers by local. The Freight Division will work closely with members as they navigate this difficult time,” said John A. Murphy, Teamsters National Freight Director. “Our members’ loss of work at Yellow was no fault of their own. In fact, they gave billions back to this dysfunctional freight company for decades. While Yellow’s closure represents one last shameful act by a greedy employer, the Teamsters will never desert our brothers and sisters. Our commitment is as strong as ever to protect members nationwide.”

In addition to finding work, Teamsters can use the Career Center to file for unemployment and utilize services to assist any Teamster family facing hardship. Affected members should visit

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