Union Labor Now Required On Big Honolulu Public Works Jobs

The community workforce agreement is a first of its kind in Hawaii!

Contractors on Honolulu public works projects over $2 million must use union labor under a new agreement signed by Mayor Kirk Caldwell on Wednesday.

The community workforce agreement says that if a nonunion shop wins a city bid, they must hire union workers. Nonunion shops can select up to seven of their own “core” employees. However, the company would need to hire one union worker for every nonunion worker, and those nonunion workers need to pay union dues.

The agreement, also called a project labor agreement, prohibits strikes, requires arbitration for disputes, and promotes apprenticeships and the hiring of veterans.

Caldwell said the deal is a first of its kind in the state and will ensure large city projects are done by qualified personnel and on time. TO CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE…

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