Press Associates, Inc. (PAI) – 8/27/2021

LAS VEGAS (PAI)—The Nevada AFL-CIO has elected Susie Martinez, a longtime Teamsters Local 986 member and shop steward at Las Vegas’s Flamingo Hotel, as its first-ever woman and first-ever Latina Executive Secretary-Treasurer, one of the state fed’s top two jobs. She joins re-elected state fed President Liz Sorenson.

The post will give Martinez added clout in the state legislature, where she can speak for Nevada’s unionists as well as her own constituents. Martinez is a two-term Democratic state rep from Las Vegas.

“I am truly humbled my Union brothers and sisters have entrusted to me the responsibility to lead our state federation. In our fight for working people, we have the opportunity to advance not only workers’ rights in our state and our nation but also to advocate for the marginalized and overlooked,” Martinez said.

Martinez, a front desk worker at the Flamingo,  won a contested election at the state fed on August 24. She succeeded Rusty McAllister, who retired. She lauded his “hard work to restore the state federation’s solid footing within” the labor movement.

“In this position, I will fight for all working families in our state who should never need to struggle to put a roof over their heads or food on their tables. A Union contract is the single best tool we have to close racial and gender wage gaps, and to ensure dignity and due process for workers,” Martinez declared.

“I will fight with every avenue available to me as Executive Secretary-Treasurer to remove barriers to organizing and bargaining for my fellow workers. I also want to honor the work and sacrifice of those who come before, and I thank Rusty McAllister for his hard work to restore the state federation’s solid footing within our movement.”

Martinez’s win drew plaudits from Culinary Workers Local 226, the largest local in Nevada and within Unite Here, with 50,000 members, and 10,000 more workers whom it also represents in the state.


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