BA Delgado Seeks Covina Council Seat

For years, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has exhorted members to seek American public office at all levels—city, county, state, congress, boards, and commissions.

The latest to throw his hat in to the ring is Local 986 business agent Hector Delgado, a veteran Teamster and Union representative who filed his papers February 15 at Covina city hall to run for city council.

Covina, east of Los Angeles and the headquarters of Local 986, is a community of 50,000, largely working-class families, especially in the  council district Delgado is seeking: district 1 in the northwest area.

The June 7 election is winner-take-all, highest number of votes is in, with no runoff to reach a plurality. This is the first year for Covina to come off its citywide, at-large elections with districts 1 and 5 electing now, and the other 3 areas in two years.

“I estimate we may have 3,000 voting in my district out of a population of 10,000” Delgado reported to Joint Council 42 President Randy Cammack on the eve of final JC 42 political screenings and endorsements last month for the June primary. “There are nearly 1,000 active Teamster members, not including Teamster retirees in the district, which is primarily composed of ZIP codes 91722, 91723, 91724.”

Cammack pledged the resources of JC 42 and its Locals in Delgado’s campaign.

“Living and working out of Covina as a Teamster rep, I know intimately the environs of district 1 and its challenges, strengths and needs,” Delgado said. “I am already partnered with small business, seniors, consumers and of course organized labor to elect a council person with workable and sustainable ideas and compassion for 10,000 residents.”

Local 986 Secretary-treasurer Chris Griswold said “Hector Delgado is the latest iteration of Local 986’s long history of member activism in the political arena. The citizens of district 1 will soon learn what an advantage it is to have Hector as their representative, just as the members of Local 986 serviced by Hector know.”

Teamsters, friends and family members wishing to be activists in the campaign can contact Delgado and the campaign at Also,

Delgado also is Local 986’s representative to the political screening committee of Joint Council 42, comprised of activists of all 24 affiliated Local Unions.

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